Margarita Of The Month: Prince Purple Rain Acai Berry

Honey, I know, I know, you’ve been waiting for our new rita of the month. For something new, that’s delicious too. C’mon and let me guide you, to the purple rain.

All jokes acai’d our new margarita of the month is berry good! Say hello to the Prince Purple Rain Acai Berry Margarita!

Available for the month of November only, you can choose to have your rita of the month in our legendary frozen form, or enjoy a classic style on the rocks. The Prince Purple Rain comes garnished with seasonal fruits to set that summer vibe.


*El Camino Cantina promotes the responsible service of alcohol

*Available from Friday the 1st November until Saturday 30th November.

*Garnishes subject-to-availability. Although we promise to restock as much as possible!