Margarita of the Month


aka: NEW month = NEW flavour!

Hola tequila-lovers!

Please welcome April’s limited-edition frozen margarita flavour –


This monthly margarita screams cool, calm & collected and is the perfect recovery beverage after last month’s fresh & spicy Watermelon & Jalapeño!

April’s flavour is inspired by all of our (and your very own…) island dreams!
The ripe coconut flavour blended with El Camino’s house tequila creates a refreshing and slightly-sweet margarita with a distinct tropical taste!
Each sip transports you to your dream island getaway; where the sand is soft, the water crystal clear and the stress? Forget it, there’s none of that here.

Our Coconut Easter margarita is available frozen or on the rocks, and in either 14 or 24oz.

Feeling ambitious? Upgrade your margarita to a Cadillac for an extra $4.
What’s that you ask? A Cadillac Margarita is a margarita with a floater shot of Grand Marnier!
Do you dare?!

So, what are you waiting for?
Forget the hot cross buns and chocolate – make it a tequila and coconut Easter!


REMEMBER! Every month we will be introducing a brand-new margarita flavour…
SO, get in quick and give it the ole’ taste test before the month is up!




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