Margarita of the Month


aka: NEW month = NEW flavour!

Hola tequila-lovers!

In honour of all our die hard El Camino Cantina Margarita fans we bring you new and innovative flavoured Margarita every month by partnering with our best tequila suppliers and adding some sweet magic!

January’s Margarita of the month is…


Just when you thought drinking wasn’t healthy we turned the stereotype upside down with fruit & tequila infused margaritas! Just what the doctor ordered!

And Monday – Friday if you get to the bar between 5 – 7 pm you can try it for $7.50 during Happy Hours

Feeling ambitious? Upgrade your margarita to a Cadillac for an extra $4.

Our limited-edition margaritas are available frozen or on the rocks, and in either 15 or 24oz or in a Margarita Towers.

What’s that you ask? A Cadillac Margarita is a margarita with a floater shot of Grand Marnier! Do you dare?!

 So, what are you waiting for?

REMEMBER! Every month we will be introducing a brand-new margarita flavour…  SO, come get your taste buds wet before the month is up!



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